Commercial & Industrial

Wired Smoke Alarm Systems

From Battery & Mains powered smoke alarms, optical or heat alarms, CO2 (carbon dioxide) alarms with or without radio linked basis, PNG Electrical can provide the ultimate fire & smoke safety solution for your home. If you require an electrician in Great Yarmouth, Norwich and the surrounding areas to install mains powered smoke detectors just call PNG Electrical.

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Radio Linked Alarm Systems

Radio-interlinked smoke detectors and heat alarms are interlinked through radio-frequency signals. If one smoke alarm detects fire, all alarms go off. In the case of the battery operated radio-interlinked smoke alarms, no wiring is required. The mains-powered smoke alarms require 230V supply, for example from the light fitting, but do not need to be linked to each other with cables.

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UK fire alarm regulations only state that your fire alarm system must be ‘adequately maintained’, however BS 5839 recommends that a fire alarm system should be inspected by a competent person at least every 6 months and the government recommends following this standard.

PNG Electrical offers regular inspection at agreed internals to ensure your systems are working a expected.

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