Domestic Properties

BS 7671 recommends that domestic dwellings be subject to inspection every ten years, or in the event of any change of occupancy.

As Part P Registered Electricians PNG Electrical can test & certify your home to the latest 18th Edition regulations giving you the extra piece of mind that your home electrics are safe and that they meet the very latest regulations. In the instance of your property failing the electrical test PNG will issue a list of issues that need rectifying before a re-test can take place.

We can also provide a quote for the electrical works required and retest at no additional cost to yourselves (providing that we have carried out the remedial works).

18th edition Update

What it means

18th Edition Regulations

Key changes to the 18th Edition Regulations update include protection against electric shock, protection against thermal effect, protection against voltage disturbance and stability of wiring systems. All electrical professionals are expected to be up to date with the potential life-saving changes the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations by 1st January 2019. All new installations must comply and be certified to the new 18th Edition.

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RCD Protection

The RCD, or residual current device, is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you getting an electric shock if you touch something live, such as a wire.  RCD testing is the process of safely ‘tripping’ the device to check it works should there be an incident. Testing has changed from a recommended quarterly to a six-monthly interval to make it easier for homeowners to remember to do.

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Cabling Cleating

To further protect the home cabling is to be supported, for example with fireproof metal clips, to prevent collapse in the event of fire. In the 17th edition, it just covered escape routes, such as staircases, however this has now been upgraded, so cables need to be fixed throughout the electrical installation.

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