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Q: How did you hear about PNG Electrical?

A referral from a friend

Q: Why did you decide to get solar panels?

To reduce our energy costs and to be more environmentally friendly

Q: Are you pleased you bought solar panels?


Q: What was the experience like buying the panels?

Straight forward and honest conversation with all questions asked and a professional proposal delivered

Q: Do your solar panels generate enough power to cover all your electricity needs? How often do you rely on the grid for electricity?

No, currently they deliver around 40% (winter months) which we expect to increase over the summer. We are also exporting almost as much as we consume so in balance our bills are significantly down

Q: Are you receiving money via the Smart Export Guarantee?

Not sure – we export to Octopus but as yet have not had any money back as it took a while to get an export MPAN number

Q: How has your opinion of solar panels changed over time? Please can you describe your experience maintaining your solar panels?

Too early to say what maintenance is like as they have only been in a couple of months – our opinion just gets better and better as we see how much the bills will reduce and how quickly the system should pay for itself…

Q: Do you feel likely to buy other types of renewable technology?

Already have hybrid cars but our cottage is 350 years old and we are limited to what else we could do

Q: Would you recommend solar panels to other homeowners in the UK? Why / why not?

Yes I would and I already have recommended solar and PNG to 2 of my connections

Q: Is there anything you wish you’d known before you bought solar panels?

How to navigate getting an MPAN number and sorting out export

Are you considering a solar installation or solar upgrade?

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  • Guy Tweedale
  • Happisburgh, Norfolk
  • Jan 2023
  • £9.5k
  • Huawei 3.6kWh L1 HV1ph hybrid inverter | 12 x Eurener Zebra 340w panels | 5kWh battery
  • Domestic House
  • 3 Bed
  • Home all day
  • Medium
  • 7000kWh
  • 3403kWh
  • Renewable Energy, Solar PV & Battery Storage