I have always been very pro solar panels

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Solar panels


Hybrid Inverter


Battery Storage


10 year warranty

Q: How did you hear about PNG Electrical?

Have used them before for work

Q: Why did you decide to get solar panels?

To save high energy costs and go a bit green

Q: Are you pleased you bought solar panels?

More than pleased

Q: What was the experience like buying the panels?

PNG Electrical where very easy to deal with and very professional

Q: Do your solar panels generate enough power to cover all your electricity needs? How often do you rely on the grid for electricity?

Yes the system works very well, not much grid power used at all.

Q: Are you receiving money via the Smart Export Guarantee?


Q: How has your opinion of solar panels changed over time? Please can you describe your experience maintaining your solar panels?

I have always been very pro solar panels, having then on our previous property. Maintenance is minimal, just spray with water every few months (to clean).

Q: Do you feel likely to buy other types of renewable technology?


Q: Would you recommend solar panels to other homeowners in the UK? Why / why not?

Yes, Solar Panels are well worth the investment, you get your money back quick

Q: Is there anything you wish you’d known before you bought solar panels?

No, I did my research and made sure our system was big enough to cope with our needs & more to feed back into the grid.

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  • Mr Gent
  • Gorleston - Norfolk
  • Feb 2023
  • £14k
  • SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid Inverter 7.5D / 22 x Trina Vertex S 390W Solar Panels / Triple Power 5.8kWh battery
  • Detached House
  • 3 Bed
  • Home all Day & Home Office
  • Large
  • 11203kWh
  • 8126 kWh
  • Renewable Energy, Solar PV & Battery Storage