I am ecstatic with the solar panels!


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Q: How did you hear about PNG Electrical?

I was introduced to PNG via a mutual friend who is a business owner in my local area.

Q: Why did you decide to get solar panels?

The economics of the return on investment are particularly attractive as the electricity prices were starting to spike when I had the array installed. I wanted to be able to control my energy prices while providing a low carbon alternative to being held ransom by my (then) energy supplier. I wanted to save myself money.

Q: Are you pleased you bought solar panels?

I am ecstatic with the solar panels! They are positioned perfectly to make maximum benefit of the sunshine as it rises and falls over my house. After discussing with PNG Electrical, I opted to have batteries installed too, which has allowed me to store energy for use at night. My electricity bill has been reduced massively and I’m helping the environment and the installation has actually increased the value of my house while saving me cash on electricity. So, in a word………..Yes, I am pleased I bought Solar panels.

Q: What was the experience like buying the panels?

Very straight forward. I did my basic research and was guided by PNG about the best set up for my home and requirements. PNG Electrical did a site survey which gave them an idea of my requirements and the size of my house etc and they assessed the best place to put the panels while keeping them out of view. Essentially, they held my hand and gave me the information I needed to make the right decisions about buying the the correct solar array set up.

Q: Do your solar panels generate enough power to cover all your electricity needs? How often do you rely on the grid for electricity?

In general, yes, the panels provide everything we need outside of immediate usage, we store electricity in batteries too. These then power the house at night. We use some power to top up the batteries (from the grid, usually in winter) at night, but it isnt much. If there isn’t sun during the winter days, we can rely on the batteries to give us night rate electricity, during the day. So, even without strong sunshine we are still saving money.

Q: Are you receiving money via the Smart Export Guarantee?


Q: How has your opinion of solar panels changed over time? Please can you describe your experience maintaining your solar panels?

Since having them installed, the only thing I have thought is “why didn’t I do this sooner”. Maintenance is minimal and the benefits are huge in terms of saving money and reducing our carbon footprint. Good for my pocket and good for the environment, too! So, you could say that I have become more of a proponent of Solar over time!

Q: Do you feel likely to buy other types of renewable technology?

Yes! I honestly feel we all have a duty to try to adopt renewable technology whenever we can. As responsible human beings we owe it to the planet and we can probably save money in the long run, too! I now use my solar panels to power an air source heat pump which has allowed me to get away from using natural gas to heat my house. This cuts my reliance on fossil fuels and saves me more money too – all powered by solar energy!

Q: Would you recommend solar panels to other homeowners in the UK? Why / why not?

Yes, I would thoroughly recommend solar panels to anyone – in fact I have recommended them to several people in my network and they are all very happy with the results and savings they have achieved!

Q: Is there anything you wish you’d known before you bought solar panels?

No, I did my basic research and was guided by PNG electrical and came to the correct solution. I guess the only thing I wish I had known before hand was how addicted I would get the phone app that lets me see how my Solar system is performing when I’m not at home!

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  • Marc Hummersone
  • Lowestoft, Suffolk
  • June 2022
  • £10k
  • SolaX X1 G4 3.7D hybrid inverter | 10 x Trina Vertex 400W Panels / 11.6kWh Battery Storage Capacity | EV Car Charger
  • Domestic | Detached House
  • 4 Bed
  • Out Half Day
  • Heavy
  • TBC
  • 3808kw
  • TBC
  • EV Car Charger, Renewable Energy, Solar PV & Battery Storage