Best decision we ever made!


Solar panels




Battery Storage


10 year warranty

Q: How did you hear about PNG Electrical?

PNG were recommended by Henri Laxon from her meetings.

Q: Why did you decide to get solar panels?

The cost of electric was going up and don’t plan on moving soon.

Q: Are you pleased you bought solar panels?

Of course! Especially when sun is shining. Best decision we ever made!

Q: What was the experience like buying the panels?

Using PNG made it dead easy and explained everything.

Q: Do your solar panels generate enough power to cover all your electricity needs? How often do you rely on the grid for electricity?

No they don’t generate enough because I work from home so use a lot especially in winter. We use the grid every day still but no where near when sun is out.

Q: Are you receiving money via the Smart Export Guarantee?

Yes I receive money back from Octopus outgoing.

Q: Please can you describe your experience maintaining your solar panels?

I needed help when our router was changed and someone came out and sorted for us.

Q: Would you recommend solar panels to other homeowners in the UK? Why / why not?

Yes I have recommended you to others and I know one my clients used you

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  • Mr & Mrs Underhill
  • Filby Norfolk
  • July 2022
  • £8.4k
  • Huawei 3.6kW L1 HV 1ph Hybrid Inverter / 12 x Longi HiMo4 370W Solar Panels | Huawei 5kWh Battery Storage
  • Detached
  • 4
  • Home all day / Home evenings
  • Large
  • 7309.8 kWh
  • 3854 kWh
  • Renewable Energy, Solar PV & Battery Storage